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Lacanian TrueType font for Windows

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This is a TrueType (.ttf) font including Lacanian nomenclature based on his psychoanalytic theory.

To install and use this font on your computer:

  1. Download this file and put it in your Windows Fonts directory (typically C:\Windows\Fonts).  If you have a word processor open, you might need to close and restart it for the font to appear in your font listing.
  2. Load up a word processor (e.g. Word 2013, LibreOffice Writer).  Select the Ecritsym font.
  3. In order to see and use the special nomenclature characters, you must insert them as symbols.
    For Word 2013:, with the font selected, click Insert > Symbols > More symbols. Select the character you want.
    For LibreOffice Writer: with the font selected, click Insert > Special Character.  Select the character you want.


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Gord Barentsen

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After using it a few times I find it's an all right font.  Depending on the font size one is using, some of the more complicated characters can be hard to read.

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