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What makes you different from other tutors and tutoring sites?

With education as with so many other things, you get what you pay for.

Not all degrees or qualifications can give you the best guidance in reading a literary work, writing an essay or constructing an argument.  I personally take care of every one of my students so that each one benefits from my experience and expertise as a published Ph.D. in English.  I’ve taught university English courses and I know what goes into top-notch essays.

For students who only need a little bit of help, other tutors may fit the bill.  But if you want sustained high-calibre guidance in English from a professional scholar, both in-person and in an online medium, LiquidFractal is for you!  Here are some of the features which set LiquidFractal apart from other tutors:

Learning Domains

Where other tutors only charge an hourly rate and then leave you alone, LiquidFractal makes an additional commitment: a two-week follow-up period in a private forum, but also in the form of Learning Domains.  The Learning Domains are designed explicitly so that each Tutor Client can be guided with their essay or project in a private space.  Your Learning Domain is a personal record of your thoughts and insights, as well as my contributions and responses.  It's online, so it's available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I check in regularly with all of my Tutor Clients, so you're guaranteed quality assistance and mentoring for your essay or project.

Live Chat

If you need that extra bit of advice while you're studying for exams or writing that essay, you can arrange a live chat with me in a private chatroom.  This allows me to give you the last-minute guidance that other tutoring websites can't provide.  Because the safety and privacy of my clients is paramount to me, I personally screen and validate all chatroom accounts.

Quizzes (NEW!)

No matter what your chosen discipline, LiquidFractal's new built-in Quizzes component can help you develop knowledge of concepts, terminology, or basic vocabulary and grammar.  I plan to create quizzes to offer general help for everyone in English studies, but I can also help you tailor-make quizzes to bolster your strengths and address your weaknesses.


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