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Themes and browser compatibility

Gord Barentsen


Hi everyone,

I thought I'd head this issue off at the pass before anyone else noticed it.

The short version: Internet Explorer and Edge are not recommended for use with the new themes (Chameleon and Dashboard).

The slightly longer version: Chameleon and Dashboard use the latest CSS and browser technology to provide the best visual experience possible.  In its time-honoured tradition of adhering to its own insular version of the Internet, Microsoft insists on doing things differently with their browsers, with the result that not all functions work with IE or Edge.  In fact, while Edge is supported by the theme developer, IE is not officially supported for these reasons.  If you do want to use the site with these browsers, I'd suggest switching to the default skin (4.2 Blue), which is much less resource-intensive.  There are scrolling issues with the graphics-rich backgrounds with both Microsoft browsers (particularly IE, which will give you a bumpy ride with both themes but is a particular trainwreck with Dashboard).

In short, everything works fine with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi.  Heck, even Avast! SafeZone browser plays nice with the code (if anyone even uses it :|).  Firefox is at the bottom of this list since you'll see some minor scrolling issues; all others mentioned perform flawlessly.


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UPDATE: Thanks to our dedicated theme developer, both Chameleon and Dashboard now work fine with MS Edge as well as the other browsers.  Issues with formatting in IE have also been fixed, but I'd still highly recommend using some other (non-Microsoft) browser for your experience of the site.

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oh but who really uses IE anyway? t'is shite mate :thumbdown:

and i heard that Avast safezone had all sorts of security problems so i wouldn't go near it!

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ok one thing i noticed is that the newer themes don't look great on mobile view.  the Dashboard one is ok but with the other one the background images don't appear right and they move around on the screen.  wondering if there's any way to fix this?


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On 8/10/2017 at 1:35 PM, Marjorie Pfennig said:

ok one thing i noticed is that the newer themes don't look great on mobile view.  the Dashboard one is ok but with the other one the background images don't appear right and they move around on the screen.  wondering if there's any way to fix this?


Yes, I know.  Unfortunately there's no simple way around this, due to the way the CSS handles background images.  It's always a challenge to get things looking right on both mobile and desktop themes at the same time; I know many, many people use mobiles more and more nowadays, but given the nature of the site I'd suggest using the LF_Blue theme if you can't take how the background images look with other themes (for which I can't blame you!).

On the plus side, using LF_Blue will certainly be easier on your bandwidth. :)

In the meantime, I will see if I can develop a mobile-friendly version of the fancy themes with background colours or simple patterns only - something a little more aesthetically pleasing for mobile browsers.

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