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Tuition session blog for Viana Ghiasi

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Viana, 11 May 2023

More work on Hafiz's "The Shape of Color" today.  I told Viana she could write a paraphrase about the passage in the poem about the Holy Spirit and The Inconceivable for our next session. NEXT SESSION: We'll finish off Hafiz and then move back to reading comprehension with Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

Viana, 4 May 2023

This is our first session since Viana and her family went to Japan.  Viana's mother has told me that her weakness seems to be reading comprehension, so we will be spending more time focusing on the excerpts from the Year 9 Comprehension Booklet (in LiquidFractal's OneDrive "Tutoring Resources" folder).  Today we begin work on a section from The Handmaid's Tale. NEXT SESSION: we will continue with the excerpt.

Viana, 6 April 2023

Today is the first time Viana and I have met in a while.  The plan is to finish off the Christmas Carol excerpt and then move into one of Viana's creative writing pieces ("The Third Floor Bedroom"). NEXT SESSION: Viana and her mother are off to Japan for a couple of weeks so we won't have another session for a while.  We will begin talking about "The Third Floor Bedroom" when we reconvene.

Viana, 16 March 2023

Today was our first session after a week off (Viana was at camp).  We spent it digging in to the Christmas Carol excerpt. NEXT SESSION: more of the same.  We got through the first 3 paras. of the excerpt and Viana says she will write an analysis of the last (third) to include things we've discussed today.

Viana, 2 March 2023

Out last session (26 Feb) we did some more reading comprehension work on the Winter's Bone excerpt.  Today we'll probably be finishing that up (I'll be asking her to talk through her reading process to me in the final section) and then we'll move on to the somewhat more challenging text from A Christmas Carol. NEXT SESSION: we'll be beginning the Christmas Carol excerpt as we spent basically the entire session on the final paragraph of Winter's Bone.

Viana, 16 Feb 2023

Viana has told me she wants to focus on reading comprehension, so we began the session with my asking her about what specific types of RC assessments she's been given and where her difficulties are.  We'll then discuss some strategies (the "read-aloud" webpage I found) and go through an excerpt from Winter's Bone to practice some RC. NEXT SESSION: more of the same as far as I know.

Viana, 9 Feb 2023

Today Viana and I discussed the rest of the drug pamphlet (which, surprisingly, took up a lot more time, but it was because Viana had some good questions and wanted to get some concepts down).  We then got in to some metalanguage discussion (analogy, simile, metaphor, more on isocolon etc.). NEXT SESSION: I want to talk about Viana's writing (her diary, but especially her essay on eating meat).  She also asked for homework, so I will try to come up with some topics or she can write on her o

Viana, 2 Feb 2023

Today was my first session with Viana.  Barring anything from this past week she'd like to discuss, I anticipate giving her the "Drug Pamplhet Test" and discussing her essay "People Should Not Stop Eating Meat" to give her a sense of the argumentative concepts and principles she'll need to know going forward. NEXT SESSION: We'll talk a little bit about her journal entry on her vacation before returning to the article we were discussing last week, as well as her "People Should Not Stop Eatin
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